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Book Praise

Praise for Send My Roots Rain

“Kim Langley has expertly curated a collection of poems to soothe the soul, to foster connection, and to ground one’s self in the deeper meaning within the inevitable broken and wounded pieces of life. All throughout this book I found resonance, newness of perspective, and familiar old wisdom inviting me to reflect and slow down with my experiences, as well as those of my loved ones. If you are a lover of poetry, this book is for you. If you are unfamiliar with or intimidated by poetry, this book is for you. Not only has Ms. Langley gathered a treasury of poems on grief and loss, she offers her own reflection, poses questions to guide your further contemplation, and brings it home with an extra and apt quotation for each and every poem. These additional pieces really do make it feel like the book is a companion and guided meditation on grief and life–not just a compilation of poetry on loss.

“As a chaplain and spiritual director myself, this book will become a go-to tool in my ministry toolkit. Especially if you’ve ever wanted to know how to use poetry in your ministry, counseling, or therapeutic setting of any kind but weren’t quite sure how to do so, this book is for you. Ms. Langley also includes a variety of mindful activities to use with the poems.

“I honestly can’t recommend this book enough. Whether you or someone you love or work with is grieving–which, if we’re honest, includes everyone–this book is worth every penny.”
Elyse Berry

“I cannot tell you how much I loved the book–it was a gift beyond words to me. The reflections, the carefully chosen accessible poems, and the words of others are just beautiful. I found myself marking up the book throughout–some to remind me to use for certain occasions, others to share on Instagram, and others just because I wanted to remember to reread them. I am going to use it with my writing group for folks with cancer and recommend it to all of them. I’m going to recommend it to many people. Thank you for all the work you did to bring this book into being.”
Claire Willis, author of Opening to Grief: Finding Your Way from Loss to Peace

“I am so moved and overcome by the beautiful writing (both your own and the poems you’ve assembled) in your book. Your book is a chorus of voices of the best and most beautiful that is known in this world. Thank you for gathering such voices and for making them all feel so at-home together within your volume. You model radical hospitality.”
Benjamin Bagocius, Ph.D., poet and literature professor at Bard Early College and facilitator of Soul Salon

“Kim Langley profoundly understands loss and grief. Here, with wisdom and insight, she offers unusually sensitive, heart-opening, healing resources to navigate the journey.”
Rev. Barbara Stephens-Rich, former Director of Religion and Education, Lakeside Chautauqua

“If you’ve ever experienced the searing pain of horrendous loss, you know the pricelessness of having a friend who is there only when needed – no more, no less. Consider this book just such a friend.”
Amy Greene, D.Min, ACPE Board Chair, Director of Spiritual Care, Cleveland Clinic

“I just spent several hours with this gorgeous manuscript. It has been a gift to me, as I know it will be to so many when it is released into the world. Kudos to you for your hard work; obviously sacred and inspired!”
Kelly Brill

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE your book so much and use inspiration from it with my clients regularly. The quotes and reflections are so powerful. The whole book feels like a tender, gentle invitation to enter the chrysalis of the grief process. I admire and am so grateful for the heart you’ve poured into this. It is profound and transformational.”
Heather B.

“I am finding it to be VERY profound, interesting and helpful…It is a terrific work of art. I think it will be a valuable resource for all who use it. I think your ministry with poetry is some of the best stuff that is happening in the realm of spirituality.”
Bill Miller, Former President of The National Conference for Catechetical Leadership (NCCL)

“Beautiful work. I will use this book often in my work and gift it to many friends. The care that has been taken in choosing the poems, quotes, and themes feels very apparent. I loved the personal stories from your life and friends. I found the simple reflections with quotes very helpful as well.”
Molly Bolton, Hospital Chaplain

“Kim has put her heart and soul into this book.”
Sandy King

“Carpets the grief landscape with color, courage, and comfort. I recommend it for anyone struggling with loss. As a resource, this book will be well used.”
Carole Calladine, MSSA, LISW, author, speaker, and Medical Social Worker

“This is a treasure for chaplains, counselors, pastors, and anyone accompanying others through loss.”
Rev. Molly Bolton, M.Div., Cleveland Clinic Foundation Chaplain”

Feedback from Grief Workshops

“Just wanted to send a follow-up note to thank you again for the Grief Workshop yesterday. It was very, very helpful. The mindful poetry reading is such a respectful and gentle way to process life, especially grief. I now have several images that I carry within me as I continue to cope… I found comfort in these words and images. They give me something to work with instead of just feeling like I don’t understand.”

“I very much appreciated your generous sharing in your presentation. I do individual and group Spiritual Direction and grieving comes up with great frequency, especially during these times. Very rich content and you have such good energy in your presentation. I’ve ordered your book, and I’m looking forward to session two!”

“This program was fantastic! It could not have happened at a better time! I already ordered Kim’s book!”

“This was a powerful presentation, useful strategies and techniques shared, and a refresher on the foundation of death and dying concepts learned many years ago in undergrad.”

“Thank you, Kim. I love the idea of using poetry in helping others and myself with grief.”