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Upcoming Events

Many of these events are open to the public. For those that aren’t, most offer the option to listen to the podcast or view the video after the event. I invite you to grab a friend and join me, virtually or in person!

Click the links below for more information.


Grief Brain, Ambiguity and Hope
Khris Ford and Kim Langley | previously recorded
In these days of the pandemic, when we are disoriented and often finding ourselves fearful and anxious, there is something more happening inside us. We are grieving. My publisher Paraclete Press asked me to partner with another grief author, Khris Ford (a spiritual director and experienced grief counselor), to address this. We offer some important assumptions about grief, whether it is individual grief or grief that is experienced as a community. Discussion focuses on “grief brain,” ambiguous loss, anticipatory grief, and resilience. They also offer suggestions for ways that families, individuals, and larger groups can share in this communal experience of loss and of finding hope.


Soul Cravings with Karin Sieger
In conversation with Kim Langley | previously recorded
Soul Cravings is one of two podcasts that Karin records on her orange houseboat in the river Thames. It offers down-to-earth talk, interviews, reflections, motivation, advice and experiences of our emotional needs: those we all crave – love, certainty, understanding, health, hope, motivation, inspiration, direction and more. We may also crave things that are not good for us or others. And Karin talks about that too.


Good Grief with Cheryl Jones: Send My Roots Rain
Interview with Kim Langley | previously recorded
Good Grief is a powerful resource for the grieving and those who minister to them. Each week, Cheryl talks with people who have transformed themselves through the profound act of grieving. Why settle for surviving? Say yes to the many experiences that embody loss!