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It’s not easy to recall that each of us is a human being, not a “human doing.” Kim Langley’s interactive poetry programs and spiritual direction retreats create some nourishing space in your spiritual life. These sessions are inclusive in nature, and sensitivity and respect are always offered.

How Does It Work?

Generally, a group will choose one of the program themes, then Kim works with you to customize the format and flow to your group’s needs and timeline for the day or weekend. Components can include stories and sharing, journaling, writing, nature walks, visual meditation, praying, using guided imagery, silence and self-reflection, music and art, writing prompts, etc.

Bring Kim To You

Kim is eager to engage with your group in one (or all!) of three ways:

1. A retreat-focused day, in which she facilitates the Poetry Circle and invites people into it. Participants can sink into the experience of meeting the sacred in poetry for a half or whole day (usually 3 to 6 hours).

2. A full weekend retreat, including a Friday evening 2-hour presentation tailored to the audience’s needs as you envision them, a Saturday retreat-type immersion experience of 4-6 hours OR a full-day workshop for CEUs for professionals, and a Sunday preaching at one worship service (if you wish) weaving poems and reflections into the themes of the day’s readings.

3. A taste of the Poetry Circle experience, then sharing HOW to lead a Spiritual Poetry Circle with professionals in ministry, health care and hospice workers, therapists, spiritual directors, and interested others. Attention can be paid to becoming a skilled facilitator yourself and Kim can offer guidance on the method, where to find resources, gathering a group, preparing the space, spreading the word and marketing the poetry circle, setting the tone, encouraging participation, setting boundaries and guidelines for the group….you get the idea!

Learn more about the Customizable Options.

What Can You Expect?

The poems used are accessible and appeal to everyone! Based on the topic and your group’s needs, your poetry program may include a mixture of:

  • Poetry readings and discussion
  • Sharing and stories
  • Private journaling
  • Writing prompts (followed by optional sharing)
  • Guided imagery
  • Visual meditation
  • Prayer
  • Silence and self-reflection
  • Nature walks
  • Music and art

Who Should Attend?

Spiritual Poetry Circles can touch anyone. Participants have included:

  • Spiritual directors, companions and guides
  • Seekers and contemplatives
  • People in recovery
  • Campus ministers from all spiritual traditions
  • Retreat center directors and staff
  • Hospice workers
  • Health care providers who attend as part of their self-care
  • Writers with a spiritual bent
  • Chaplains
  • Persons who work with the Homeless
  • Pastoral and spiritual care providers including those who visit the sick or homebound
  • People who are spiritual, but church affiliation is not for them
  • High School teachers and campus ministers
  • Social workers
  • Lay and ordained clergy who use poems in preaching
  • Therapists, art therapists and other mental health providers
  • Persons interested in holistic body-mind-spirit
  • Persons who practice mindfulness
  • Life coaches
  • Yoga instructors
  • Mindful lawyers, social justice workers and peacemakers
  • Work-life balance Human Resource personnel

Booking a Program

If you are ready to book a program or have other questions, contact Kim and make an appointment to talk. She is glad to discuss and clarify the details with you or your committee.

For more information, see Options and Fees.