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Program Praise

Praise for Poetry Programs

“Good poetry speaks to the heart and the imagination. Your mind is free to wander the fertile fields and explore the rich harvest. With poetry circles you can go deeper and share the experience.”
Sister Regina Fierman, CSA

“When I was a young girl, I wrote my first poem that I loved so much I wanted to share the words and rhythm with someone. I knew my mother would find it charming and would listen and cherish my rhyme. Decades later I enter this cozy room complete with fireplace, tall white framed windows and stuffed furniture and feel at peace while we sip cups of tea. I know I am safe with these readers and listeners, just as much as when I read my poem to my mother. As was true then, I know now I am going to learn something new, get a different perspective and fall in love again with poetry and discover new poets. As the clock ticks away the minutes, we wait earnestly for Kim to set the tone and open the gift of today’s ideas spun skillfully in poetic phrase. I sit in wonder that I have found these kindred spirits.”
Sheila Turkall, M.Ed

“You have been such a gift to the Wisdom Centre at St. Laurence and to me…May you continue to find ways to share…God’s presence with others.”
Rev. Anna Greenwood-Lee, Wisdom Centre in Calgary, Canada

“I attended your wonderful workshop at St. Laurence in Calgary. It was one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve had in a long while. It was good at both a personal level and a professional level for me, and I thank you. I will eagerly keep track of how your work progresses.”
Sharon de la Mare, workshop participant from Olds in Alberta, Canada

“The Stephen Ministers at ALUCC are so grateful for the retreat – what a gift you are – thanks for sharing.”
Judy Reich, Avon Lake United Church of Christ

“I’ve had the opportunity to attend several of Kim’s Poetry Circles. The meetings begin with a group of seemingly random individuals who share a common love of words and language. Through Kim’s leadership and style, it is apparent that these are friends I just haven’t met yet! The unique life and perspective of each person leads to a very enriching and rewarding experience and has shaped the way in which I view the world. Kim nurtures each viewpoint and encourages. She is correct that no prior knowledge of poetry is required and she strives to make each poem accessible. I am always looking forward to our next meeting.”
Jen J.

“Kim’s poetry gatherings are joyful, playful, enlightening and healing. I am always surprised by the creative spirit that bubbles up when we are together and remains deep within me long after we’ve parted.”
Dorothy Valerian, Hospice Spiritual Care Volunteer

“Did you ever go to your Grandma’s on a Sunday and enter into an atmosphere of warmth and love? Gentle sunshine bathes the kitchen where the healing aroma of chicken soup is filling the space. That is the feeling I have when attending Kim Langley’s poetry gatherings. I leave feeling like I have been fed in spirit, mind and soul to overflowing. In fact, I do not want to leave!”
Rev. Sandi Schmidt, Federation of Christian Ministries

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“Whether your history with poetry is extensive or barely existent you will likely find Kim’s poetry programs taking you to an authentic space of depth and often joy. The joy of discovering what a poet has said or what you or others are feeling about those words. Both words and silence are deeply respected in the space Kim creates for exploration. I have attended several of her programs, (none are the same) and all have been excellent! I can’t recommend her work highly enough.”
Marianne Erdelyi, Consultant and Coach

“Thank you for the many ways in which you inspire and encourage – leading the Pray Day poetry circle for Belly of the Whale being the most recent blessing. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! I really think you are onto something with this mindful reading poetry thing!”
Rev. Sharon Seyforth Garner, Spiritual Director for Belly of the Whale

“Kim’s spirituality/poetry gatherings are food for the mind, heart and soul.”
Subhana Cathy Graf
Ordained Elder at Lakewood Presbyterian Church (PC(USA)
Certified Leader of Dances of Universal Peace

“If Kim Langley announces one of her poetry gatherings, I want to be there! I know she’ll lead us to exciting new insights, deeper understanding, heartfelt laughter, amazement and enchantment.”
J. Norris

“Thanks for creating the structure that is strong but ‘hole-y’ enough to give Spirit space to move through us. How open you are dear lady! Thanks for that gorgeous experience yesterday of Celtic Prayer and Poetry! You sure do your homework and then you leave lots of space…..Being here is like being midwifed by the whole group.”
Julie Michelson, Therapist

“She spots the fire within us.”
Sharon Brickman

“We pull wisdom from the entire group, and hold it, and then it evolves…”

Stone Buildings

“This is a place of safety and synergy.”
Joan Reidy

“Thank you for coming to Calgary! Kim, Monica and I are still aglow from that fantastic weekend with the Wisdom Centre group in Calgary. The way we were led into the Poetry was truly beautiful and powerful. The time together stirred our souls – truly a great gift. Glad I followed my wife and her instinct for brilliant events. Your movie clip summed it up from Dead Poets Society: Rip out the clinical analysis, because there is a war on, and at stake is your heart and soul.”
Andrew and Monica Stiles

“As we join with Kim in her passion for the written word, there is a sense of being lifted up to a place of sheer joy, a welcoming of fresh insight, spirit renewed.”
Ellen Pietz, Psychotherapist

“I am always working to make our retreat days special, and last year, we invited Kim to lead a retreat on Exploring Spirituality through Poetry. A few of the 70 plus year old men sort of rolled their eyes good naturedly and attended the retreat with trepidation. Then they surprised themselves! How much enjoyment they received from the day, and how poetry took on a new meaning for them! They actually asked for Kim to return!”
Cathy Duer, Cleveland Regional Director, Ignatian Volunteer Corps

“Your comments were sparkling, full of insight and passion and filled with light. You are so called to do this work.”
Sandy Rider

“My Father and I recently attended one of Kim’s poetry workshops at Centering Space.  It was a special opportunity for us to share our mutual appreciation for poetry and spend some quality time together.  I left feeling enriched, both by the power of the poetry and by the power of the relationships that can be nurtured by the beauty of a well chosen word.   Thank you, Kim, for providing such a meaningful time together.”
Sharon Seyfarth Garner and Leonard Seyfarth

“The poems were all excellent and the discussions were great.”
Spencer Stevens

“I have long known and experienced Kim’s gift for finding and reading poems which just “click” with ordinary human experiences and surprise you with a “3-D” dimension.  Her choices leave you saying: ‘Wow! That’s it…a turn of a phrase that just lit up a corner of my soul.’  Trusting in her gift, I attended a program on Lenten and Easter Poetry and found that this happened, not only to me but all of us who attended.  No pressure to perform, just the lovely invitation to ‘taste and see’. ”
Sr. Francis Therese Woznicki, Ministering in Spiritual Direction at the  Franciscan Center in Marymount Village

“The community garden can’t have more fertile ground than this group! Truly, I know of no other place/space where one can walk in the door, grab a chair and coffee, and sink into soul conversation within 3 minutes. I could see it on the faces of today’s new-comers. It’s a shock of the most wonderful kind! Just had to say thank you for today.”
Virginia L. Douglas, Social Worker