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What Is a Poetry Circle?

“By cutting to the truth of our experience, poetry shakes us and awakens us. Through it, we open our eyes to what Robert Frost called “the pleasure of taking pains.” And what is gratitude besides this playful engagement with life as it unfolds in all its challenges and delights?”

In thinking about the circle, Jung’s mandala comes to mind. Representing the wholeness of the Self, the mandala is a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relationship to the infinite, a plane that includes both our bodies and minds and what is beyond our physicality. So it is in this community, that full expression of our selves can be given. But in entrusting our words to others, care must be taken. That is why it’s necessary for a skilled facilitator to create a sacred space. 

“There is a palpable feeling of safety and comfort in the circle; we are all equal to the task of writing, and everyone is free to tell their story. This makes it easy and fun, as well as poignant and profound. Still a mystery — but the muse has come, once again, the poems are written.”
Poetry Circle with Magdalena