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Who Benefits?

Poetry has the capability to touch, console and encourage all of us. It is accessible to anyone regardless of experience and, with some guidance, those of us in helping professions can use it to further support the ones in our care. People from all walks of life have attended and appreciated these poetry programs including:

  • Helping professionals
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Hospice workers and funeral directors
  • Chaplains and clergy
  • Educators
  • Writers
  • Spiritual directors
  • Stephen’s Ministers

Join the ranks of thoughtful men and women who had these things to say:

“Good poetry speaks to the heart and the imagination. Your mind is free to wander the fertile fields and explore the rich harvest. With poetry circles you can go deeper and share the experience.”
– Sister Regina Fierman, Sister of Charity at St. Augustine

“The community garden can’t have more fertile ground than this group! Truly, I know of no other place/space where one can walk in the door, grab a chair and coffee, and sink into soul conversation within 3 minutes. I could see it on the faces of today’s new-comers. It’s a shock of the most wonderful kind! Just had to say thank you for today.”
Virginia L. Douglas, Social Worker

“I’ve had the opportunity to attend several of Kim’s Poetry Circles. The meetings begin with a group of seemingly random individuals who share a common love of words and language. Through Kim’s leadership and style, it is apparent that these are friends I just haven’t met yet! The unique life and perspective of each person leads to a very enriching and rewarding experience and has shaped the way in which I view the world. Kim nurtures each viewpoint and encourages. She is correct that no prior knowledge of poetry is required and she strives to make each poem accessible. I am always looking forward to our next meeting.”
Jen J.